Build Your Own Box

Beautifully presented and packaged favors bring elegance and style to any wedding. Presenting gift boxes with a variety of items to your guests is the perfect way to say thank you. And when a friend or loved one moves away from Savannah, what better way to remind them of home than with some of Savannah’s best goodies and treats?

Now, you can build your own gift box, full of items you know your guests or friends will love. Each item was hand-picked to represent the rich style and history of Savannah, Georgia. No matter what combination you choose, these boxes deliver the perfect message of thanks, appreciation, and celebration.

Whether you are going completely DIY or just wanting something with a personalized touch, building your own gift box is a great way to surprise your guests with fun and delicious gifts and to give your friends and family a taste of the Savannah you love.

Know that every item was carefully chosen by Jodi Jackson of Savannah Wedding Dreams. She has helped brides all over the world plan the wedding of their dreams for years. Her love for Savannah has inspired her to curate the perfect items for your perfect wedding gift box or Savannah gift box.

Pre-Made Boxes

Not sure what to include? Our Pre-Made boxes are full of goodies you’re sure to love.

Welcome to Savannah Wedding Box

This box includes 10 items and is perfect for giving you wedding guests Savannah-inspired gifts that allow them to take this stunning location home with them.

Savannah Gift Box

This box includes 10 items and is perfect for sending unique Savannah-inspired gifts to remind friends and family of home or to introduce them to a taste of this rich town.

Savannah Sampler Box

This box includes 10 items and includes all the best treats that Savannah, Georgia has to offer including cookies, candles, note cards, mints and more.

Bulk Wedding Favors

Just need a bunch of one item? Choose from the items below and order as many as 100 units of each.


Savannah Gift Box was founded by Jodi Jackson, founder and wedding planner at Savannah Wedding Dreams. She loves helping brides from all over the world to plan the wedding of their dreams in Savannah, Georgia. She knows that gift boxes are an important part of any wedding. Using her love of Savannah, Georgia, she has cultivated and designed these boxes to complement the perfect Savannah wedding.